Alumni Spotlight: Jill Harrison

Jill Harrison
I chose to attend Lehigh University because of its comprehensive liberal arts community dedicated to multi-faceted living and learning, where I could study cross-disciplinarily, serve as a Gryphon, and elevate the arts on campus. I combined my theatre studies with political science and business administration, an experience that greatly influences my current work as a freelance director, producer, educator, and the Founder and Executive Director of Directors Gathering (DG).  The Department of Theatre ignited my love for teaching by giving me the opportunity to serve as a teaching assistant. At Lehigh, I directed and produced for the first time, and developed my dedication to high-level community-based endeavors through creating and directing Lehigh Life Guides, an orientation program through the Department of Theatre and the Dean of Students Office. I would consider my biggest professional success since graduation to be creating and running Directors Gathering (DG), a service and membership organization based in Philadelphia that develops and elevates theatre directors. (DG) is an organization based on community, awareness, inclusivity, and connectivity in support of the visionaries that render every piece of theatre.   In the Department ofTheatre I learned skills of collaboration, connection, and community. I learned how to spin a narrative with a point of view, and to have empathy for varying perspectives. I also learned effective tools for deeply listening and responding. Every one of these skills enhance my daily life. No matter your focus or future, practicing theatre professionally or as a hobby opens you to a creative, inclusive, and inspirational community like none other.