Our strength lies in our faculty.

A highly talented and energetic faculty is the greatest strength of the theatre program. All of our faculty are active professional artists and are recognized nationally within their respective specialties. They are intensely committed to your development as a young artist, and their attention to student needs is recognized by many of our students gaining entrance to the very best graduate programs in the land. Whether your interests lie in acting, directing, or design, you will find a collaborative environment that is essential to creating good theatre.

The theatre faculty consists of:

Full Time

Kashi Johnson - Chairperson & Professor
Erica Hoelscher - Professor
Costume Design
Augustine Ripa - Professor
Acting, Directing
Melpomene Katakalos - Associate Professor
Scenic Design
Will Lowry - Assistant Professor
Lighting Design
Lyam Gabel portrait
Lyam Gabel - Assistant Professor

Adjunct & Staff

Department Coordinator
Technical Director, Adjunct Professor
Audio Coordinator, Adjunct Professor
Assistant Production Manager, Adjunct Professor
Bailey Sheehan
Properties Manager / Scenic Charge, Lab Manager
Assistant Technical Director, Lab Manager
Justin Burns - Adjunct Professor
Lighting Coordinator
Swapna Suresh
Swapna Suresh - Adjunct Professor
Sammy Reyes - Adjunct Professor
Mark McKenna - Adjunct Professor
Carrie Ballenger - Adjunct Professor
Scene Painting
John Baxter
John Baxter - Adjunct Professor
Theatre History

Retired & Emeriti Faculty

Retired Faculty
Acting, Directing
Professor Emeritus (1975-2014)
Lighting Design