Alumni Spotlight: Sabrina McGuigan

Sabrina McGuigan
My first-year seminar at Lehigh University was an acting class, and my major quickly changed from Biology to Theatre. Later, I earned an MFA from the Yale School of Drama in sound design and engineering. I threw myself into the New York City theatre scene, believing I would become a Broadway sound designer. I was wrong, and that is totally okay. My work in the theatre led me to a career in medical education. As a VP, Account Supervisor at Havas Life New York, I lead the medical education group developing instructional materials on disease states and products used in the treatment of diabetes. My job is similar to directing and stage management, with an essence of designing. Students taking courses in the Department of Theatre explore unknown and hidden parts of themselves. Regardless of where life takes you, even if it is not a career in theatre, the lessons learned will be applicable to your life for years to come. One accomplishment I am proud of was to be selected in 2016 as recipient of the Lehigh Alumni Award for the class of 2001.