Scene Shop

Lehigh University Theatre - Paint Color Swatches

Located in the heart of the Zoellner Arts Center, the scene shop is a 2,500 square foot shop with 30 foot ceilings. It has easy access to the Diamond Theater through a roll up door directly onto back stage. The scene shop provides full technical support for the Theatre Department as well as aspects for the Zoellner Arts Center including set construction/installation, scenic painting, prop construction, metal working, and theatrical rigging. The majority of the shop is dedicated to workspace and material storage, but it also includes a tool room, paint area, hardware storage, rigging storage and welding area. There is a small props room located one floor down in the basement as well as a 1200 square foot off site prop storage space. We strive to provide a well rounded, fast paced, exciting and safe work environment for every student involved. Each student involved will receive top notch instruction and training on our equipment, so experience is not needed. In other words anyone can become involved.

As with any working shop, proper safety is always observed. You will always work under the supervision of the technical director, assistant technical director, and shop foreman. As a standard procedure, students are never permitted to work alone. You will be fully trained to use all of the equipment in the shop. By working in the scene shop, we hope you’ll discover new aspects of production and become more aware of the “whole picture” in mounting any production. A few of the options in becoming a scene shop staff member are class lab requirements, student artist stipends, work study programs, and apprenticeships are all available. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to become involved in the world of theatre.